Welcome to our new partner - City of Chateauguay

Welcome to our new partner - City of Chateauguay

31 May 2024

Since 2005, Softball Quebec hosted close to 20 Canadian Championship at Michel Martin park in Ile-Perrot. The City of Ile-Perrot has been an outstanding partner over the years.

In 2024, it will be our last Canadian Championship in Ile-Perrot. Our new partner, the City of Chateauguay, will be welcoming us at Philippe-Bonneau park that has completely been redone last summer. The park is amazing.

Since most hotels are between the 2 parks, games will be played in both facilities Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The final round will be enterely played in Chateauguay.

Visit the Special Event page for more info.

We also recommend that you wait for the schedule before reserving any practice diamonds in order to be close to the park you will play each day. Teams will not switch park on the same day.