2021 Special General Meeting

2021 Special General Meeting

31 March 2021 Gilles LeBlanc

At the request of its membership, the Board of Directors of Softball Canada has called for a Special General Meeting on April 12th, 2021 to vote on age category, ball size and pitching distance changes. Softball Canada’s Board of Directors and Provincial/Territorial Association delegates will be participating on this videoconference call.

The following motion will be considered for the Special General Meeting – all related to the age categories, ball size and pitching distances (indicated in green) for 2022 and beyond – as proposed by Softball Ontario.


Rulebook Reference:
Fast Pitch – Page 109: Age Category and Distance Table 


2021 Age Category / Distance Table

Note – Men’s, Women’s and Master’s age categories would not be affected and would remain in the chart as is.

IMPORTANT: Possible changes to baseline and fence distances in the same table will NOT be voted on at the Special General Meeting.