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Softball Canada recognizes its responsibility to foster environments that ensure positive, healthy, and fulfilling experiences. By prioritizing the welfare, safety, and rights of our members, Softball Canada is able to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to address the needs of the softball community in relation to safety in sport.

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Softball Canada is committed to practicing Safe Sport and ensuring all participants are provided with safe, welcoming, and accessible sport environments, free from all forms of maltreatment.


Softball Canada’s Safe Sport framework will focus on three key elements: Awareness, Prevention and Action - all of which are strongly supported by governance, policies and procedures. The objective of this framework is to ensure all Softball Canada members have access to the resources and support services they need to safely facilitate and participate in softball specific programming.

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To ensure policies remain current and continue to align with Sport Canada requirements, Softball Canada, in partnership with Sport Law and Strategy Group (SLSG) has conducted an independent review. As a result of this review, Softball Canada has adopted an updated suite of Safe Sport policies.

Softball Canada commits itself to reviewing and revising these policies as often as necessary in order to ensure members can participate in a sporting environment that is free from harassment, discrimination and abuse.   

Code of Conduct and Ethics                                    download 2 en

Abuse Policy                                                                       download 2 en

Investigations Policy                                                   download 2 en

Discipline and Complaints Policy                       download 2 en

Dispute Resolution Policy                                        download 2 en

Appeal Policy                                                                     download 2 en

Whistleblower Policy                                                  download 2 en

Event Discipline Procedure                                    download 2 en

Social Media Policy                                                       download 2 en

                             Screening Policy                                                             download 2 en                                                                                              

                    To access the full Safe Sport Policy Manual, click here.                    


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