This award, created by Softball Canada in 2008, recognizes the life and contributions of Rose Hodgson. Rose, who passed away in 2007 having served 9 years as an active Softball Canada Board member, contributed selflessly to the betterment of softball at the local, provincial and national levels. In her over 35 years as a volunteer, she always put players first and would support any initiative that gave them the opportunity to play and reach their dreams, whatever they were.

Nominees for this award can be volunteers from any level of the game. They will have supported the experiences of players through any number of contributions (outside of coaching and officiating where awards already exist). The theme of their nomination will be that they have tirelessly committed themselves to the game. They may have created or improved softball opportunities in their area, or simply added to the enjoyment of the game for those involved in the sport.

A letter of application, including references, supporting material and a letter of endorsement from the respective Provincial/Territorial association must be received at the Softball Canada office by September 15.

The successful candidate will be selected from within the region hosting the Annual Meeting that year. The presentation of the award will be done at the Softball Canada Annual Meeting.


Dave Brewer (Leduc, Alta.) began volunteering in the sport of softball shortly after moving to Trail, B.C. in 1976. He first became the president of  his local men’s Fast Pitch league, and was then asked to recruit, promote and develop adult Fast Pitch throughout the Kootenays region as senior coordinator from 1985 to 1990, talking with clubs, leagues, teams and players to convince them they should join Softball BC. He was able to do this successfully with both male and female teams.

He was elected to Softball BC’s Board of Directors in 1990 and his first assignment was as senior (adult) director, which allowed him to use his recruiting skills to other parts of the province. One of Dave’s strongest assets was his ability to relate to members from all over the province, and he was well-liked in his role as a director until he stepped back in 1996 as family obligations and demands on his time grew larger. His focus quickly grew towards officiating and he became a District Umpire in Chief for the Kootenays from 2000-2008.

Brewer rejoined Softball BC’s Board of Directors from 2008-2018 and was the go-to expert for any governance, parliamentary or procedural questions. He represented Softball BC at several Softball Canada Congresses, sharing his knowledge and experience with colleagues across the country and helping shape the game to where it is today by bringing in rules that deal with safety and meaningful competition. He served as the province’s Umpire in Chief from 2013 until he moved to Alberta in 2018, rejuvenating the umpiring program by bringing in more female umpires and being a role model for everyone involved in the game.


2018 - Michel Leclair (Quebec)
2017 - Paul F. Smith (Newfoundland & Labrador)
2016 - Lawrence Beatty (Saskatchewan)
2015 - Valerie Pelleck (Manitoba)
2014 - Bev Adams (New Brunswick)
2013 - Floyd Daniels (Northwest Territories)
2012 - Gerri Dornstauder (Alberta)
2011 - Sherry Maher (Newfoundland & Labrador)
2010 - Bryan Kosteroski (Saskatchewan)
2009 - Carl Littlejohns (Ontario)
2008 - Linda Petrie (Prince Edward Island)