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1. Softball Canada’s image and reputation are of the utmost importance and it is critical that the Softball Canada logo, intellectual property and slogans (collectively “Intellectual Property”) are applied consistently and reflect the highest of standards.  Therefore:

a) Only reputable individuals, organizations and corporations (collectively the “User”) whose image, product or services do not conflict with the Softball Canada’s mission or values may be considered as users of Softball Canada’s Intellectual Property.
b) There is no obligation on behalf of Softball Canada to accept any Intellectual Property use request.
c) Softball Canada’s long-term reputation and credibility will remain pertinent.  

2. The purpose of this Policy, in conjunction with Softball Canada’s Copyright Policy, is to provide Users guiding principles, policies and regulations regarding:

a) Use of Softball Canada’s Intellectual Property;
b) Typeface for the Softball Canada Logo; and
c) Guidelines for requesting use of the Softball Canada Intellectual Property. 


3. Softball Canada’s Intellectual Property are described and attached in Appendix “A”.


4. Users wishing to use Softball Canada’s Intellectual Property will adhere to the following:

a) The terms and conditions of any agreement with Softball Canada and this Policy.
b) Only use the approved Intellectual Property provided by Softball Canada.

5. Users granted use will NOT:

a) Alter the look, feel or image of the Intellectual Property.
b) Add decorative or other elements to the Intellectual Property.
c) Distort the Intellectual Property in any way.
d) Use outdated versions of the Intellectual Property.
e) Place the Intellectual Property in questionable locations (e.g. backside of pants).


6. Each potential User will be considered on its own merits. Judgment and discretion will characterize the decision making process, however, the following set of questions will be considered:

a) Would the User be a good fit with Softball Canada’s image?
b) Does the User conflict with Softball Canada’s values?
c) Does the User suit Softball Canada’s overall strategy, mission and vision?
d) Will the User help Softball Canada realize its objectives?
e) Does the User represent, or could this User be perceived as representing, a conflict of interest?

7. Softball Canada will grant to approved Users, in accordance with the terms set out in this policy and any other applicable agreement, a non-exclusive license to use the Softball Canada Intellectual Property.

8. Softball Canada reserves the right of final approval of all Users and the right to refuse or terminate any use of the Intellectual Property at its sole discretion.


9. Users wishing to use Softball Canada’s  Intellectual Property, will submit the Softball Canada Intellectual Property Request Form attached as Appendix “B”, which can also be ascertained from Softball Canada.


10. Upon acceptance and approval of the Intellectual Property Request Form, Users will submit proofs, reproductions and samples of any use of the Softball Canada Logo upon request of Softball Canada.


11. This Policy does not give any User any interest in the Softball Canada Intellectual Property or any other intellectual property owned by Softball Canada, except the right to use the Softball Canada Intellectual Property in accordance with the terms of this Policy and as directed by Softball Canada.   


12. Failure to adhere to this Policy may give rise to discipline in accordance with the Softball Canada Discipline and Complaints Policy or remedies sought in a court of competent jurisdiction. 



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