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B5 is a fast-paced, dynamic version of the classic game of softball. It follows the same founding principles of its parent discipline, but can be played everywhere and requires only a rubber ball.


B5 aims to make softball more accessible by working around common barriers without sacrificing the essence of the classic game. It is easily adaptable to an untraditional field of play or a larger/smaller number of players, and requires very little equipment.

B5 can be played in a variety of different settings- both structured and non-structured. Examples include:

  • After School Programs
  • Summer Camps
  • Gym Classes
  • Indoor Training
  • Softball Clinics

Primary Benefits:

  1. Versatility – can be played on any surface, indoor or outdoor. 
  2. Functionality – can be self-regulated by participants and/or instructors.
  3. Adaptability – can be enjoyed by different age groups and skill levels.
  4. Practicality – can be easily understood by participants and implemented by instructors.


Designed to be modified to fit any audience and their needs, B5 is inclusive to participants of all sizes, shapes and abilities. Softball Canada believes B5 should be an equal opportunity activity and welcomes all participants to pick up the ball and learn the basic skills of softball.

Instructors are encouraged to organize teams in ways that promote inclusivity.

The values of the game

 B5 Inclusion B5 strives to be inclusive. Inclusion is pro-active behaviours, options and actions that make everyone feel welcome and respected.
 B5 Confidence B5 fosters player confidence. Confidence is the ability to rely on your skills and strengths. Confidence builds when goals are accomplished, and challenges are overcome.
 B5 Innovation B5 allows for innovation. Innovation is generating new ideas and responding to change in a creative way.
 B5 Accessibility B5 seeks to be accessible. Accessibility is to provide welcoming, supportive, and safe environments where everyone feels comfortable and able to participate.
 B5 Teamwork B5 thrives on teamwork. Teamwork promotes cooperation and is the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal.

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Have questions and/or suggestions about the implementation or facilitation of B5? 
Contact Softball Canada at cburton@softball.ca.