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1. The Manager – National Teams/Canadian Championships, in conjunction with other experts he/she deems appropriate, will review all product or equipment submitted for endorsement or approval for safety concerns. Once satisfied, the Manager – Marketing/Communications will conclude financial negotiations. The Softball Canada equipment specifications determine the suitability of all product or equipment submitted for approval.


i. Use of “Approved or Endorsed by Softball Canada” logo on all approved product/equipment.
ii. Increased sales.
iii. Credibility provided by Canada’s national organization responsible for the development and promotion of the sport in Canada.
iv. Listing of all approved equipment included in the current Softball Canada Official Guide and Rule Book and on the Softball Canada web site.
v. Complimentary copy of the Official Guide and Rule Book.


3. Three (3) samples of each piece of equipment or product (6 in the case of softballs) to be reviewed shall be submitted to Softball Canada at the address below no later than November 1st or May 1st. Submissions will be considered outside of these dates but might involve additional cost to the group submitting product. This cost will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Softball Canada
Equipment Approval Program
223 Colonnade Road, Suite 212
Ottawa, Ontario K2E 7K3

4. The manufacturer shall pay an agreed upon fee to review their product. A cheque or money order covering the cost of reviewing each piece of equipment or product and an agreement form must accompany the sample(s).

5. To ensure delivery, we suggest that you forward your softball sample(s), agreement form(s), and fees via special delivery/courier.

6. Any product or equipment with safety considerations must also be made available, at the expense of the manufacturer, for random testing to be completed by an independent testing facility/agency.