Quality Softball Program Inventory Plan


Are you a coach or local association who wants to know how you’re doing when it comes to Long Term Player Development (LTPD)? Want to know more about how to incorporate its principles into your softball programming? Well, we’re here to help you!

We know that quality sport is achieved when the right people do the right things at the right times, and all of that leads to positive experiences for participants. Softball Canada has worked to develop this inventory tool to help support coaches and local associations with the ability to explore their programs as they relate to LTPD! We’ve highlighted which components and factors lead to quality softball experiences. Designed with coaches and local associations in mind, this inventory can be used to review and support the quality softball programming you’re delivering.

How to use it!

The purpose of this resource is to provide a guide to softball program delivery based on LTPD and to identify how coaches and local associations can work with key partners, such as Softball Canada, Provincial/Territorial Softball Associations to improve and sustain quality sport. The resource will be useful for sport leaders, coaches, local associations, Provincial/Territorial Softball Associations, and everyone committed to working together to deliver the best possible softball experience to all Canadians.

As you make your way through the tool, you will be asked a series of questions. Each question relates in some way to how LTPD influences a quality softball program. At the end, you will receive a summary of your answers and will be provided with suggestions about resources, tips & tricks, and more information about how to incorporate LTPD into the softball experience you provide to your participants.

There is no pass/fail! It is meant to act as a learning process, supporting coaches and local associations with their softball programming.

By completing the Quality Softball Program Inventory – you are showing your commitment to supporting LTPD within your softball community!

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