Reporting is critical in creating and maintaining a safe environment for all participants. As such, independent, third-party complaint management is a directive of Canada’s Safe Sport movement. Softball Canada is committed to a sport environment free from abuse that is safe for all participants.

Softball Canada has zero tolerance for any type of abuse. Individuals are required to report abuse or suspected abuse. If you are the victim of abuse, harassment, or discrimination, or you’ve witnessed such an incident within our sport, you are encouraged to contact the Canadian Sport Helpline by phone or text at 1-888-83SPORT (77678), or by email to, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When the incidents recounted appear admissible, operators can assist you in filing a report through a confidential online platform, if desired.


Independent Third Party for Softball Canada

The ability to report issues is critical to maintaining a safe sport environment for softball participants in Canada. Softball Canada has appointed an independent third party, Cristy Nurse, to objectively and confidentially facilitate complaints from the Canadian Softball community at the national level. She can review, advise and refer issues for further investigation independently of Softball Canada.

You can contact Cristy at:


Softball Canada believes everyone has the right to enjoy the sport despite their level of participation. As such, Softball Canada encourages all individuals to communicate openly, collaboratively, and use problem solving techniques to resolve differences in opinion. Resolving a conflict at an early stage may prevent a situation from escalating and resulting in a formal complaint.

For specialized information, access the resources below;

For other Safe Sport Inquiries, please contact:

 Help Line (en)