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We want to acknowledge and honor the labor and inputs of the DEI Committee.
Thank you to each person who contributed to the BelongINg Metric and the GDEIB surveys.


Softball Canada has undertaken a thoughtful and intentional approach to improve the diversity of the sport and to support inclusion across the softball experience. Led by staff, and the DEI Committee, this work has taken place over the past year and has led to the development of a multi-year plan to move Softball Canada forward. The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee has played an important role in supporting the development of the Strategy and Action Plan.


To begin this work Softball Canada took important steps to listen to its staff, coaches, leaders, athletes, umpires to understand the current context of diversity, equity and inclusion within their ecosystem.

Board, committee members, staff, and P/Ts were engaged in completing the Belonging Metric which looked at the dimensions of diversity across the organization, as well as the experience of inclusion and belonging of those stakeholders. In parallel, the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Benchmarks were completed by staff to provide an understanding of where the organization is in their DEI journey. As well, a review of Softball Canada’s internal policies was completed to create awareness of areas to pay attention to in those policies and to provide recommendations that could be built into the action plan.

These inputs were then pulled together and connected to shape goals and actions that the organization would build out. Over two formal action planning sessions, as well as several additional DEI Committee meetings, the group shaped the vision for the work, and then agreed on the Focus Areas to align with the strategic plan, and then built out goals and actions to move the work forward.


Softball Canada leads a unified softball community that makes every member feel they are included and heard, and where we champion diversity, equity and inclusion in all areas of our organization.


These goals and actions will be undertaken as per the timing in the overall action plan which has been broken into short term (next year), medium term (1-2 years), long-term (3-5 years) priorities. Below is a high-level summary of the forty actions items that make up Softball Canada’s action plan.


Have accurate DEI data.
  • Gather data about who is part of the Softball community through annual surveys and consistent registration questions across the country.
Build relationships with organizations that serve equity seeking groups.
  • Build out an intentional plan and then build relationships with these groups.  
Ensuring programs meet the needs of the membership according to DEI data.
  • Develop DEI programs based on DEI collected data and the Plan to work in partnership with leaders in these spaces.
Move away from ‘add on’ DEI policies that reinforce the status quo.
  • Review and update policies to create a more cohesive approach to support DEI.


Increase the diversity of participants and roles across the Softball community.
  • Develop specific supports for equity deserving individuals to encourage their engagement.
  • Develop an apprentice coach/umpire program for leaders of equity-seeking groups.
  • Develop bursary programs for members of equity-seeking groups to attend performance camps and skills academies.
Inclusion training for athletes and coaches.
  • Offer inclusion training to support team dynamics and competition.
  • Offer cultural competency training for countries travelling to.


All external communications meet an agreed upon DEI standard.
  • Develop (or modify) a communications plan to ensure it aligns with DEI goals.
The public is aware of the organization’s DEI progress.
  • Develop a process for reporting DEI progress to the public. Share policies and high-level plan on website.
DEI is embedded in the values, missions and cultures of all P/T Associations.
  • Provide opportunities for P/Ts to share their DEI progress with Softball Canada and other P/T's.
  • Provide DEI training for PTs.
  • Develop a database/area where all leaders can access DEI information, policies, programs/initiatives and imagery.
Review all Softball Canada resources with a DEI lens.
  • Update all Softball Canada resources (CC Host Guides specifically) with gender neutral language and other DEI considerations.
  • Ensure Land Acknowledgements happen at Canadian Championships.
All programs prioritize psychological safety, security and wellness.
  • Alignment, communication and connection across all DEI and Safe Sport work.


Increase the funding available for DEI activities.
  • Apply for applicable grant opportunities.
  • Ensure annual budget includes DEI initiatives
  • Develop a fundraising campaign for DEI.
Job design, compensation, and benefits meet GDEIB standards.
  • Review and modify personnel policies and staff manual with DEI lens.
Leaders are held accountable for implementing DEI policies and practices.
  • Include DEI in annual performance reviews and update yearly at a BOD meeting.
  • Complete biannual GDEIB to determine progress.


The actions have been prioritized, and the work will now be undertaken to move these forward to implementation. Some of the actions will have many steps to move them forward. This work will take time, patience and resources to do it well.