Diverse Softball Voices

Learning about our diverse softball community has a profound impact on our sport. We know that telling our personal stories is one the most powerful tools we have to promote the sport of softball. The honest, and sometimes emotional sharing of challenges, accomplishments, and lived experiences, are what brings us together and forges meaningful connection. Ultimately, these connections are what creates change in our softball community in a way that will positively impact our experience with the game. 

We are looking to improve the way we communicate and tell your stories. We have been able to connect with more people and tell more stories as we reach out and build relationships with them. Softball Canada is looking to amplify diverse voices from all parts of the softball community. That doesn’t happen without you. We are asking our community to share your voice, your story.  You understand how much your softball experiences have meant to you and your life. We encourage you to speak up so that others may see how important the game has been to you.