The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) gives coaches the training and tools they need to succeed – in coaching and in life. It provides coaches the skills and self-confidence to excel, and to instill that confidence in their athletes. The NCCP develops responsible coaches, inspires future leaders, and celebrates potential both on and off the field.






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Timbits Softball)


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Pitching - Beginner

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 Ongoing Participation

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 Community Sport

You may already coach at the community level or you’re thinking about coaching. Often, you’re a parent whose child is involved in sport, or a volunteer who works with participants of all ages that are new to a sport.

There are two levels of workshops for softball community sport coaches: Initiation and Ongoing Participation

The Community Sport – Initiation context focuses on participants who are being introduced to a sport. In many sports this is very young children participating in the sport for the first time. (Timbits Softball) In a few sports, initiation into the sport can occur with youth or adults. Participants get involved to meet new friends, have fun, and to learn a new activity. The role of the coach is to ensure a fun and safe environment and to teach the development of some of the “FUNdamentals” stage skills and abilities for participants.

Softball’s Community Sport - Initiation Pathway

The Community Sport – Ongoing Participation context is typically for either youth participating in a recreational environment, or masters participants participating for recreation, fitness, and socialization reasons. The participants are in the Active for Life stage of long-term athlete development. The role of the coach is to encourage participants to continue their involvement in the sport.

Softball’s Community Sport - Ongoing Participation Pathway 


Coaches in the Competition stream usually have previous coaching experience or are former athletes in the sport. They tend to work with athletes over the long term to improve performance, often in preparation for provincial, national, and international competitions.

There are two levels of workshops for softball competition coaches that reflect the stages of athlete development: Introduction and Development

The Competition – Introduction context is designed for coaches of athletes moving from the FUNdamentals to the Learn to Train and Train to Train stages of long-term athlete development.

Softball’s Competition - Introduction Pathway 

The Competition – Development context is designed for coaches of athletes ranging from the Train to Train to the Train to Compete stages of long-term athlete development.

Softball’s Competition - Development Pathway 
Softball’s Competition - Development Evaluation


Instructors in the Instruction stream must have sport-specific skills and training, whether instructing at the beginner or advanced skill levels. Many are former participants in the sport.

The softball Instruction stream has one workshop: Pitching Instruction – Beginners

Instructors in the Instruction – Beginners context are usually working with participants who are experiencing the sport for the first time through a series of lessons. Typically, there’s no formalized competition at this level – it’s strictly about skill development and there is a short timeframe of interaction between the instructor and the participant.

Softball’s Pitching Instruction - Beginner Pathway