Every two years, Softball Canada publishes a revised version of its Official Rulebook, which is distributed to all new umpires and sold to the general public through Softball Canada's Provincial/Territorial Association Offices. The Rulebook provides the Slo-Pitch and Fast Pitch Rules, as well as Softball Canada's Constitution and Bylaws, and Special Operating Rules (SORs) for the upcoming season.

If you are interested in purchasing a Rulebook, please contact your Provincial/Territorial office.


To become a well rounded umpire, one requires a partnership of all officiating components. One component is the certification program, Levels I-IV, which strongly emphasize preventative officiating techniques; psychology; communication and evaluation skills; mental preparation; two, three, and four umpire mechanics; and rule knowledge.

A casebook is another component of the Softball Canada - National Officials Program. A thorough knowledge of the Softball Canada playing rules will strengthen an official's umpiring skills and enhance personal confidence on the field. The primary focus and effort of this component publication is to promote consistency in rule interpretations by describing situations and addressing their rulings as interpreted by the Officiating Development Committee of Softball Canada.

Please note that the Softball Canada umpire Casebook is the copyright property of Softball Canada and any use without the expressed written consent of Softball Canada is strictly prohibited.

The casebook is updated on a continual basis by providing amended or new rule interpretations. If you have any special situation that requires a ruling, please follow the protocol which can be found under Rule Interpretations for resolution.

Umpire Casebook


Softball Canada's Umpire's Toolbox is where umpires can access public resources to help them improve their skills and help instructors and evaluators when leading their certification clinics. In this section, you will find the "Umpire Toolbox" containing information such as the International Softball Federation's (ISF) Mechanics Manuals for 1, 2, 3 and 4 umpire systems; the "Instructor Toolbox" which includes PowerPoint presentations and Points of Emphasis documents for Level 1, 2 and 3 Certification Clinics; and the "Evaluator Toolbox" containing evaluation forms.

Umpire ToolboxInstructor ToolboxEvaluator Toolbox


Wondering how you can get from a Level I to working international competition(s)? It is certainly an exciting journey with lots of challenges and rewards Follow these slides where they will help you understand the steps along the way. For any questions or guidance contact your provincial UIC or any member of the ODC.

2021 NOCP Final - English







Are you interested in advertising for your local or provincial association. You can find the Softball Canada official "Umpires" informational poster here.

Softball Canada offers a choice if the association wishes to use a blank format and input their own information. The blank poster can be found here. 


Are you wondering what to cover or say with your partners prior to the game or need to discuss things afterwards. Here is a card developed by Softball Canada that outlines the different areas to discuss and an umpire team. Suggestion – print the card and laminate it, will make it easier to draw illustrations. Download here.