Officiating Development

Jeff Whipple

Position: National Director of Umpires

Jeff started umpiring in 1986.  After officiating at four Canadian Championships, he received his Level V and ISF certification in 1997. Subsequently, he officiated at two ISF World Championships (Junior Women, Taipei, 1999; Senior Women, Saskatoon, 2002) and the ISC World Tournament (Eau Claire, 2005). 
While he enjoys the on-field action as an official, his real passion is teaching and learning. He has instructed at many certification clinics and mechanics schools and has been a UIC or DUIC at eight Canadian Championships. After joining Softball Canada's Officiating Development Committee in 2008, Jeff was appointed as National Director of Umpires in 2013.
An educator, Jeff is currently an instructional technology coach, helping to support his colleagues and their students in schools across Anglophone West School District to leverage technology for teaching and learning. He is also a Senior Consultant with Educational Collaborators (St. Louis, MO), speaking at conferences and working with schools across North America around 21st century literacy and learning. Jeff and his wife, Tracey, have four grown children and live in Fredericton.

Brent Chadwick

Position: Deputy Umpire-in-Chief

Brent started umpiring in 1992 and has worked every level of softball along the way to attaining his Level IV in 1996, Level V in 2006 and WBSC in 2008. Along the way, Brent has officiated at 13 Canadian Championships, five International events and one World Championship (Junior Women’s 2013). Brent also has taken his game off the diamond by attaining his Master Instructor and Evaluator Status, thus allowing him to instruct Level IV clinics, supervise Canadian Championships (seven since 2010), and be a regular presenter at Blue Convention. Brent has also been active in Saskatchewan as a member of their Umpire Committee since 1997 with his chief role being in educational instruction and materials.

Brent is currently the Principal at Assiniboia Composite High School and is married to Marni, and has two children Jesse and Brennen.

Don Farr

Position: Deputy Umpire-in-Chief

Don started umpiring in 1994 and has officiated various levels of both Fast Pitch and Slo-Pitch. He obtained his Level IV in Fast Pitch followed by Level V in Slo-Pitch in 2010 and WBSC certification in 2011.

He has attended as either an official or evaluator at numerous provincials, 5 Fast Pitch Westerns, 4 Canadian Championships and 6 international Slo-Pitch championships, the latest at the WBSC Co-ed in Florida.

Don works with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) for 28 years. During this time Don completed the duties as their Chief Official 2013 - 2018. Being employed in the CAF has taken Don across Canada and around world allowing him to umpire in different provincial and world organizations (ESF, USA Softball) bringing those experiences back to our program.

Sandra Forand

Position: Deputy Umpire-in-Chief

Sandra has umpired for over 30 years. She has officiated both Fast Pitch and Slo-Pitch and has umpired at 4 Canadian Championships. This past summer she received her Level V Slo-Pitch at the Sr. Men’s in London ON. Sandra held the position of the Slo-Pitch Deputy Umpire in Chief for Softball Ontario.
Much of her passion for sport is her off field endeavours. Working with others, whether evaluating, supervising or executive contributions, is an important element of giving back to the game. The same can be true of Sandra’s basketball career. A former CIS/NCAA Division 1 official, staying in the game she loves, by working with others, is just as rewarding as any gold medal game.
An Educational Assistant with NCDSB working with Special Needs students, Sandra continues to provide to all students a role model, coach and mentor. She has also travelled globally with World Special Olympics while officiating basketball. She has two older children, Holly and Russell and is a partner with Steve.

Geneviève Gaudreau

Position: Deputy Umpire-in-Chief

Geneviève started umpiring in 1998. She received her level V in 2006 and her ISF certification in 2008. She officiated in four International events (Easton Youth Cup in Prague, 2009, Junior Women in Capetown 2011, Senior Women in Haarlem, 2014 and the Pan Am Games in Toronto, 2015).

She was the Québec PUIC from 2010 to 2015. She is also a supervisor, an instructor and a mentor.

Scott McLaren

Position: Deputy Umpire-in-Chief

Scott has been umpiring since 1986 and registered with Softball Canada since 1988. He attended his first Canadian Championship in 1998 before receiving his Level V in Fredericton, New Brunswick in 2012 and his WBSC Designation in 2013.

He has represented Canada at two World Championships, the 2014 Jr. Men’s and the 2017 Jr. Women’s, as well The International Cup and the USA Softball Major Men’s Championship. Scott was awarded the 2017 WBSC Umpire of the Year for his work at the Jr. Women’s World Championship.

Prior to joining the ODC in 2018, Scott spent the past five years as a Deputy Provincial Umpire in Chief for Softball BC.

Scott works in the insurance industry and lives in Penticton.

Gary Skjerven

Position: Deputy Umpire-in-Chief

Gary has been a registered umpire in Saskatchewan and Canada for over 25 years. He attained his Level V in 2002 and ISF Certification in 2003. Throughout this time he has umpired four WBSC (ISF) World Championships (Jr. Mens, 2 Sr. Mens, Universiade), one Pan American Championship and one Pan American Games, 9 Canadian Championships, Canada Cup, 3 Nations Challenge and numerous Westerns and Provincials. He has also been active as a mentor and evaluator as a UIC/DUIC at 11 Canadian Championships and numerous Provincials and Westerns.

Off the diamond, he has been a member of the national ODC for 8 years and a Provincial DUIC for 10 years, Clinic instructor for 20+ years and instructed at Softball Canada Level IV clinics. He received the “D” rating as an Instructor and Evaluator in 2010.

Gary has two grown daughters and three grandchildren. He is a retired Manager and Auditor in the credit union system after over 40 years. He still audits and farms part-time.

Andrea Wolf

Position: Director

Donna Ozarko

Position: Manager - Officials and Publications

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