As a Softball Canada instructor you have made a commitment to share your knowledge, experience and passion for umpiring with your colleagues in blue. In this instructor toolbox we want to you the opportunity to lead learning with the latest Softball Canada instructional resources.

We would encourage all umpires involved in instructional activities to become certified instructors. It all begins by participating in in the Softball Canada Umpires Instructor/Evaluator Clinic.

For more information on upcoming Instructor/Evaluator Clinics or to suggest other resources you would like to see us provide in this space please contact Donna Ozarko at

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Level 1 Instructor Guide

Level 2 Instructor Guide

Level 3 FP Instructor Guide

Level 3 SP Instructor Guide

Level 1 PowerPoint

Level 2 PowerPoint Level 3 FP PowerPoint Level 3 SP PowerPoint