What is Timbits Softball?

Timbits Softball Makes Learning Fun!

TS CharacterThe Timbits Softball program is designed to be a young person's introduction to the sport of Softball. The emphasis is on FUN, ACTION, and a POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE, with a gradual introduction to non- stressful competition. Timbits Softball provides children aged 5-10 with maximum opportunity to practice the skills necessary to successfully take part in the (adult) game of Softball.

Timbits Softball allows children of all skill levels to achieve the same number of skills repetitions. The drills also offer a high success rate for every child, which improves every player's self confidence.

Coaching has never been this easy!

Timbits Softball is also designed to be easily administered. Traditionally, at the 5-10 year old level, coaches are Moms and Dads with little or no coaching experience. Timbits Softball is designed to be easily implemented by a volunteer coach! The Timbits Softball Manual contains: lesson plans, easy to follow instructions, a letter to parents about the program, progressions for teaching basic skills, and lead up games.

Softball Canada also has developed a Timbits Softball CD Rom. This resource allows coaches to view the drills explained in the lesson plans through video demonstrations. Coaching a beginner level team has never been so easy!

TS Character 2Suggested Program Structure:

Level 1:
9 weeks with 2 sessions per week
1 hour per session (max.)

Level 2:
9 weeks with 2 sessions per week
1 hour and 30 minutes (max.)
45 minutes using the lesson plans and 45 minutes of a scrimmage

Level 3:
9 weeks with 2 sessions per week
1 hour and 30 minutes (max.)
30 minutes using the lesson plans and 1 hour scrimmage