We've put together some resources for Timbits players to be able to do at home! Check out the links below!



TS Manual 2019The Timbits Softball program is a revolutionary way of introducing the sport of softball to children.

Timbits Softball ensures children of all skill levels have FUN while improving their fitness levels and developing their Fundamental Movement Skills.

Timbits Softball has easy to follow lesson plans for parents and volunteer coaches and promises lots of ACTION in a positive environment for all children.

Inside the Timbits Softball Manual you will find:

  • Prepared lesson plans
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Progressions for teaching basic skills
  • Lead up games designed to simulate the real game of softball

Timbits Softball allows coaches and children to explore the wonderful sport of Softball. Participants will go home happy and will look forward to the next Timbits Softball session.

To access your Timbits Softball Manual online, click here. For more information please contact your local Provincial/Territorial Softball Association.

Timbits Softball E-clinic

The Timbits Softball E-clinic is a perfect way to enhance your knowledge of Timbits Softball.

The Timbits Softball E-clinic is designed to help you feel confident taking the field this season to deliver a successful Timbits Softball Program.

By taking the Timbits Softball E-clinic you will: 

  • Learn program basics
  • Learn why volunteers are important
  • Learn long term player development at a glance
  • Learn 5 fundamental softball skills
  • Learn where to find more support

To take the Timbits Softball E-clinic, click here.

Fitness & Softball Challenges!

We’re here with a challenge for you to keep active at home – one you can do while keeping safe! Tag @SoftballCanada in your video or have your family send it to cburton@softball.ca to be featured! Watch for more challenges coming your way soon!

Timbits Softball Challenge #1

 Timbits Challenge 2

 Timbits Softball Challenge #2

TS Challenge 2


School Resources

Looking for some softball resources for your classroom? Take a look at our Timbits Softball program or below for resources where Softball Canada has partnered with organizations to develop softball specific lesson plans for teachers!

Move, Think, Learn – PHE Canada

This resource uses a Teaching Games for Understanding approach to work students through tactical gameplay problems, think through options and skills, and learn how to apply this learning to broader gameplay situations. The series explores archery, badminton, canoe-kayak, cycling, ringette, softball, squash, soccer and team handball. Targeted to educators working with children and youth approximately 8-14 years of age (grades 4-9), the goal of the series is to increase student knowledge, confidence, and competence to become further engaged in physical activity and/or sport.

Active at Schools – Canadian Olympic Committee

The Canadian Olympic School Program has partnered with Canadian Tire’s ACTIVE AT SCHOOL movement to launch the Canadian Olympic Activity Challenge, with the aim of getting kids across the country active for 60 minutes a day through new classroom resources.

Students will be introduced to various sports including softball and learn about their history and develop an understanding of the Olympic values of Friendship, Excellence and Respect.

To download this program and use the Softball based resource in your classroom check here!