Frequently Asked Questions

My association doesn’t use the Timbits Softball program but I’d like them to start, what can I do?

First approach your local association to gage interest in starting the program. You can talk to your Provincial/Territorial Softball Association who can help you get materials in order to start the program within your association or check back soon for our “How to start a Timbits Softball program” resource!

Why are the rules in the Timbits Softball manual and the rulebook different for U6, U8, & U10?

You may see that some of the rules are different in the Softball Canada rulebook for the U6, U8, & U10 age categories as compared to the Timbits Softball manual. These rules are modified from the adult game in coordination with Softball Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Model (click here to find out more). These rules are for associations who choose not to use the Timbits Softball program for those age groups. Although Softball Canada recommends that Timbits Softball be used in order to teach the fundamental skills of softball, we understand some associations are using a game format – for those groups we encourage you to follow the modified rules found on our website here or in the Softball Canada rulebook.

With the creation of Softball’s Long-Term Player Development Model in 2008, Softball Canada determined that rules unification was a key element of our LTPD implementation plan. The creation of a nationally standardized set of rules for the minor age categories would assist in aligning our competition structures with LTPD principles. The goal was to create a set of rules to be followed by all minor age categories that was based on the latest research on growth and motor development to ensure that the games played by children and youth were age and stage appropriate and met the objectives for those stages of development. The end goal is that more Canadians are enjoying playing softball at the recreational and elite levels.

The rules that follow were developed with the help of experts from across Canada and it is recommended by Softball Canada that all softball governing bodies follow these rules for minors as a supplement to the standard rules found earlier in this document.

Where Can I get a Timbits Softball Manual?

You are able to order a Timbits Softball manual through any of our Provincial/Territorial Softball Offices


Where can we get the latest info on Timbits Softball?

Check out or follow Timbits Softball on Twitter @TimbitsSoftball or like us on Facebook!

We want to host a Jamboree – where do we start?

Tournaments, which declare “winners”, are not recommended for children under 10 years old. Instead the Timbits Softball program suggests hosting an end of season “Fun Day”.

Softball Canada encourages every Timbits Softball group to hold a “Fun Day” for their players at some point during their sessions (either in the middle or at the end). “Fun Day” is a perfect opportunity to get families together and interacting with one another on the field.  It also gives the children a special opportunity to display any new skills they have learned during their sessions. 

Hold a BBQ, have station based games and activities or try some achievement tests! Provide prizes for all players at the end of the “Fun Day” session (we do not encourage individual rewards, as some children may be discouraged if they do not receive one) – prizes could include stickers, pins, certificates, hats, etc.

For more ideas check out the Timbits manual – available for purchase through your Provincial/Territorial Association.

I want to volunteer with my local Timbits Softball program, how can I do that?

Volunteers are always needed for the Timbits Softball program! We encourage all parents to take an active part in their child’s softball experience. Check with your local softball association to learn more information on how to get involved!

I would like to find a Timbits Softball program for my child, where do I look?

Contact your Provincial/Territorial Softball Association, who would be happy to help you get in touch with your local softball association!