ADM GraphicSoftball Canada’s ADM helps coaches understand the skills and attributes of athletes progressing through each stage of development, as well as provides key information coaches should know at each stage. It lays out in great detail what a player should be able to do throughout their long-term softball development, ensuring they do not miss critical skills – therefore leading to greater success for all players, at all levels of play.

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The Gold Medal Profile (GMP) defines the skills and abilities required to achieve podium performances and recognition at the highest level of play (Olympics, Pan American Games & World Championships). These skills and attributes have been identified within the Athlete Development Matrix (ADM) with a leaf symbol. The linked table outlines the average and exceptional standards as laid out by Softball Canada. The table includes not only technical and tactical skills but also life, mental and physical skills, all of which hold equal importance. They are based on validated metrics and benchmarks collected by experts in softball. These standards are only applicable to competitive, not recreational athletes and can give coaches, parents, and athletes the ability to recognize where areas of improvement in their skill development can be made.

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Softball Canada and our Provincial/Territorial Softball Associations are pleased to present the Coaches Guide series. These guides are based on Softball Canada’s Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) model ensuring coaches have the resources to improve player development from ages 12 to 17. 

Coaches Guides EN2Each guide contains:

  • A season’s worth of practice plans
    •    U13: 18 practice plans
    •    U15: 24 practice plans
    •    U17: 34 practice plans including 10
         indoor practices 
  • Information on seasonal planning, practice planning, dynamic warm-up routines, and cool-down routines
  • Key teaching points for each softball skill 

Whether you are a beginner coach or an experienced coach, you can simply follow the practice plans as they are laid out or you can modify them to meet the individual needs of your players and team.

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Coaching Athletes with a Disability


Coaching Athletes with a Disability is a manual designed to provide grassroots coaches who have never worked with athletes with a disability with basic information, guidelines, and tips that will assist in creating conditions for effective participation and inclusion.



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The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) and the Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC) view coaches as a cornerstone of community sport and recreation development. Their role as agents of social change is important because their expert guidance can have a direct and lasting impact on the healthy and active lifestyles of community members, specifically youth. Because of the important roles Aboriginal coaches play, the CAC and the ASC have made it a priority to educate and promote the value of certification and to establish meaningful participation of Aboriginal peoples in the NCCP. The Aboriginal Coaching Program contains culturally relevant materials meant to engage Aboriginal coaches and empower them to make a positive, long-lasting impact in their communities.