MAY 10, 2021 - 7:00 PM EST

Join Frankie Billingsley for a webinar on “The Balancing Act”.  Frankie will be joined by four Softball Canada umpires who have achieved some amazing accomplishments in umpiring all while going to school and playing softball!  Come and find out how they managed to do it and how they handled some of the challenges along the way! 

Biographies for the four speakers are below:


Curtis is a 20-year-old Level IV umpire from Surrey, BC. Curtis has umpired for the past 9 years and has played the sport for 14 years. He is currently attending the University of British Columbia for a Bachelor’s in Psychology while also working as a financial advisor.


Lives in Gatineau, QC, but started my umpiring career in a small town near Montréal. I got my Level 5 at the Senior women's championships in 2017 and I obtained the WBSC certification in 2018. I work in television as a resources specialist at the CBC.


Emma Jerome Smith is a Level V umpire originally from Calgary, Alberta and currently living in Didsbury, Alberta where she works as a mixed animal veterinarian. She grew up playing fastpitch competitively and began umpiring at the age of 14. She attained her Level V in 2019 and is working toward her WBSC certification.


Laura MacMillan started her umpiring career out of Coquitlam, BC and is the Deputy Umpire-in-Chief for British Columbia. She received her Softball Canada Level V certification in 2016 and her WBSC certification in 2017. Laura has graduated with a Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching – minoring in Biology, a Post-Degree Diploma in Marketing (Valedictorian and Gold Cord recipient), a Master of Science in International Management (Summa Cum Laude), and a Master of Business Administration in Sports Management (Summa Cum Laude). She has played softball her entire life, including four years at Douglas College and currently in the Senior ‘A’ Women’s league as a catcher. She worked full-time during her last three degrees and is currently the Athletics Coordinator at Douglas College.

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The Softball Canada Webinar Series for 2021 has arrived!  Join Frankie Billingsley on February 1, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. EST for a Fireside Chat with four of the most amazing people in the game of softball!  The theme for the evening will be “the recipe for success”.  The four panelists which will be making themselves available on this evening have a keen eye for talent and their resumes speak to their ability to enhance and grow an official’s capacity and realize their potential. 


Bob has been involved in the game of softball for most of his life.  Bob was a fast ball player, playing first base and pitching occasionally at the intermediate and recreational level for over 20 years.  Bob began officiating in 1982 and has gone on to supervisor at countless world championships and world cup events.  Bob was the National Director of Umpires in Canada before taking on the role on the International Level with the International Softball Federation (ISF) which is now the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC).  Bob has recently taken on another new, administrative role earning a spot on the Softball Canada Board of Directors.  A few of Bob's accolades include being inducted into the Softball Canada Hall of Fame and the International Softball Hall of Fame.  While he has recently stepped backed from day-to-day duties of his role as the WBSC Director of Umpires – Softball (a position he held for 12 years) he will continue to sit on the Rules Commission, work on a few projects and continue as the Umpire in Chief at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021.


Carolien Stadhouders is currently serving as one of the Regional Umpire Coordinators for the WBSC Softball Division.  Carolien started out playing second base and centerfield before her umpiring career began.  Carolien was certified as an international umpire in 1995.  Upon receiving that credential, Carolien went on to officiate in 4 World Championships and 3 Olympic Qualifying tournaments.  Carolien held the top spot, Umpire in Chief, in what is now referred to as Softball Europe from 2012-2020; and was the Director of Umpires from 2016-2020 for Softball Europe.  She has received numerous accolades including being recognized as the umpire of the year in Netherlands on two occasions (1995 and 1999).  Carolien has supervised three world championships. 


Kevin Ryan is the current Director of Umpires for USA Softball and has held this position since 2006.  Kevin was an athlete as an outfielder and as a catcher.  Kevin began umpiring in 1980 and became internationally certified with the ISF, now the WBSC in 1991.  Kevin umpired in 6 Men’s Major fast Pitch National Championships, 1 Women’s Major Championship and 1 Over 40 Men’s National Championship.  Kevin has also officiated at the Men’s World Championship in 1996.  Kevin served as the UIC for the USA Softball World Cup for 13 years; and has served as a UIC at least once a year at a National Championship.  Kevin has received a number of accolades which include election to the USA Softball of Michigan Hall of Fame as an Umpire (2005) and an induction into the USA Softball Hall of Fame (2008).  Kevin has supervised two world championships. 


Pete has just started a new role as a Softball (WBSC) Europe Trainer (Pete has been a UK trainer since 2012).  Pete started playing the game in 1996 and still does to this day!  Pete began umpiring in 1997 and umpired his first UK Nationals in 2003.  Pete qualified for his European Softball Federation (WBSC Europe) designation in 2006 and officiated at 6 European Championships (in Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy and Hungary).  Pete received his ISF (now WBSC) license in 2013 and has officiated at 4 World Cups and 1 Canadian Nationals.




FEBRUARY 22, 2021

Emma Charlesworth-Seiler is one of two women working in Minor League Baseball – quite the accomplishment!  We may be seeing Emma in Major League Baseball one day – come and hear what ingredients Emma has used to create her very own “recipe for success”!

Emma is a professional baseball umpire who has been working in Minor League Baseball since 2017. She attended two Major League Baseball Umpire Camps while still at university. After graduating, Emma enrolled in the Minor League Baseball Umpire Training Academy in Vero Beach, FL in 2017. Upon completion of the Academy and Advanced Course, she was offered a position in Minor League Baseball. That spring, prior to beginning her first professional season in the rookie-level Gulf Coast League, she worked her first high school and college games. Emma has since worked in the Florida Fall Instructional League (2017), Arizona Extended Spring Training (2018), Northwest League (Short Season Single-A, 2018), MiLB Spring Training (2019), and Midwest League (Full Season Single-A, 2019). She was contracted to work the 2020 season in the Carolina League (Advanced-A).




MARCH 8, 2021

Trevor Topping is a fitness enthusiast who will be sharing some ideas and tips for how umpires can continue with their fitness at home.

Trevor Topping is a level 5 and WBSC certified umpire from Kitchener, Ontario.   Trevor has been umpiring fastpitch softball for 31 years.   Some career highlights include working five Canadian Championships, the WBSC Junior Men’s World Championships in 2018, and the USA Softball International Cup in 2019.




MARCH 22, 2021

Dr. Amber Mosewich is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport and Recreaton at the University of Alberta.  Learn about the role of psychological factors in sport, along with strategies to optimize your performance and well-being.

Amber Mosewich focuses her research on stress, coping, and emotion in sport.  A key directive of her work is to understand the psychological skills and resources necessary to facilitate successful, healthy, and positive sport experiences and how best to foster their development.




APRIL 19, 2021 - 7:00 PM EST

Join Frankie Billingsley for a webinar on Communication Between Umpires and Coaches – A Coach’s Perspective.  Frankie will be joined by Andrea Wolf and Mark Smith, please see below for their biographical information. 

Andrea Wolf has been involved in the game of softball most of her life. She played competitively for over 20 years receiving a 4-year scholarship from Jamestown College in North Dakota and played two years for Seki Byoin in Japan. Andrea began coaching in 2000 and has gone on to coach at several Western Canada Summer Games, Jeux Canada Games and Canadian Collegiate Championships. She is a graduate of the Canadian Sport Institute Advanced Coaching Program and is currently a Softball Canada Board Director.

Mark Smith played on the Men’s National Softball team for 15 years.  He is a 3-time world champion, 6 time Pan-American Gold Medallist (3 as a player and 3 as a coach).  Mark has been the recipient of one of Nova Scotia’s top 15 all time greatest athletes.  Mark has been inducted into the Nova Scotia Sport Heritage Hall of Fame, Canadian Softball Hall of Fame and the International Softball Congress Hall Fame.  Mark was the recipient of Jack Donohue “Coach of the Year” in 2016.  Mark is a high performance director, has been coaching a national team for 20 years and holds the role of Head Coach of the Canada Softball Women’s Olympic Program.