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2019 U19 WOMEN'S
Kitchener, Ont. - Aug 13 – 18


Peter Hallman Ball Yard

All championship games will be played at Peter Hallman Ball Yard.  The three diamonds in use for this championship and all diamonds are fenced. All three diamonds are regulation size with an appropriate outfield fence of 200 feet.  Seating is available at behind the fence and on both sides of the diamonds. 

Peter Hallman Ballyard

Food and Concessions and Beer Garden

The Lions Club are serving our food and raising funds for their Service Dog Canada Program. All Service Dogs used in Canada are trained at a facility in Breslau, Ontario, which is just outside of Kitchener.  Starting at 8am, they'll serve back bacon on a bun and coffee for breakfast.  BBQ hamburgers, hot dogs and sausage will start being served at 11am. The Beer Garden will also be available, outside the fences for Diamond 1

A Concession Stand will also be available for water, pop, chips, popcorn, freezies and other treats.  Be sure to enjoy the Peter Hallman Ball Yard Tradition of locally baked Pie and Ice cream.  Look for special food nights too.


  • Parking is available across the street at Activia Sportsplex parking lot.
  • There is no parking on the road. It is only used for drop off only
  • The parking lot located on Hayward Ave. is not to be used by teams during this event

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