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2022 U17 GIRL'S
Montreal, Que. - August 17 – 21



Seat belts are mandatory everywhere, for both the front and the back seats. A very important thing you need to know is that Montreal is an island and you cannot make a right turn on a red light anywhere on the island. Ile Perrot is not on the island of Montreal, it is a close suburb. Therefore, you can turn right on a red light unless otherwise specified.

The road signs are in French and they show you what you can do, not what you cannot do, like in most other cities.

Even though Montreal is a bilingual city (you can therefore manage in both French and English), here are a few words that might be helpful:

Ne pas stationner = No parking
Dimanche = Sunday
Lundi = Monday
Mardi = Tuesday
Mercredi = Wednesday
Jeudi = Thursday
Vendredi = Friday
Samedi = Saturday
Est = East
Droite = Right
Ouest = West
Gauche = Left
Sud = South
Balle molle = Softball
Nord = North
Téléphone = Phone
Sortie = Exit
Urgence = Emergency
Hôpital (H) = Hospital
Centre ville = Downtown
Hôtel = Hotel
Centre d`achat = Mall
Métro = Subway
Autoroute = Highway
Autobus = Bus
Chemin = Road
Parc = Park
Français = French
Perdu = Lost
Anglais = English

And yes... French drivers are a little crazy but driving in Montreal is not as bad as in Europe or Asia if it can reassure you ;-)


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