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2024 U15 GIRL'S
Chateauguay & Île-Perrot, Que. - August 14 – 18



  1. You can only reserve one spot at a time in each reservation system (daily). This is to give a chance to all teams to be able to reserve a diamond or a batting cage. We will cancel your reservation if you do not respect that guideline.
  2. The time in the system are Eastern standard. Therefore 10 am in Montreal = 7 am in BC (a BC team would have to reserve a spot at 7 am if they really want to practice at 10 am in Montreal, if they do the reservation from BC. This is a system limitation. SK = -2 hours, MB = -1 hours, ON=same, NB+NS = +1, NL = +1,5
    Once in Montreal, the system will show the right time regardless of where you are from.
  3. You reservation can be cancelled if Softball Canada needs to use this diamond for rainouts - delayed games.
  4. Do not forget that the coaches meeting will be held at the Community Center - 2 minutes walking distance from Michel Martin Park on August 13 at 4:30 PM and registration starts at 3:45.
  5. Reservation system for practice diamonds and batting cages will only be active a few days after the games schedule is released. No teams will play in both parks (Bonneau and Michel Martin) on the same day. 


  WED 08-14 THU 08-15 FRI 08-16 SAT 08-17
Michel Martin Batting Cage (Ile-Perrot) Click here Click here Click here  
Michel Martin #3 (Ile-Perrot) Click here Click here Click here  
Bonneau Batting Cage (Chateauguay) Click here Click here Click here Click here
Léger #1 (Chateauguay) Click here Click here Click here Click here

- Games on Michel Martin #1 and #2. Pre-game warmup on #4. Pre-game warmup spots will also be available on #1 (only a few games on #1)

- Games on Bonneau #1 and #4 (Wed-Fri). Pre-game warmup on #2 and #3. Games on Bonneau #1, #2 and #4 (Sat-Sun). Pre-game warmup on #3 and outfields. 

To see the parks location, visit the map section.

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