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2024 U15 BOY'S
St-Leonard-d'Aston, Que. - August 14 – 18



August 13 – 7:30 pm – Jean-Yves Doucet Complex


After the opening banquet, teams are invited to the Jean-Yves-Doucet Stadium for the skills' competition. Each team must be represented by 8 players: one runner, two batters, one pitcher, one catcher and one 1st base, one 2nd base and one 3rdbase players. The competition will be divided in three contests: Running Single, Relay Race and Home Run Combat Derby. For each contest, points will be awarded to the teams according to their representative’s final ranking, as follows:




Each team will assign its best runner for this contest. The runner will have to touch all bases, as quickly as possible. The time clock will start as soon as the runner’s foot leaves the home plate and will stop when he touches it again after having covered the other three bases. If a runner should pass a base without touching it, his team will automatically be eliminated. If, at the end of the contest, two teams have the same score, they will go on with the contest until there is a winner.




This contest requires four team members: one catcher, one 1st base, one 2nd base and one 3rd base players. The catcher first throws the ball to the player on 1st base, who throws it to the player on 2nd base, who throws it to the player on 3rd base who in turn throws it to the catcher. The catcher then throws the ball clockwise, first to the 3rd base, who throws it to the 2nd base, to the 1st base and again to the catcher. At the start of the contest, the ball is placed on the home plate. The time clock starts as soon as the catcher touches the ball. Each time a player catches the ball, he will have to touch his base before throwing it to the next player. If he omits to do so, his team will be automatically disqualified, as is the case if the ball is dropped or touches the ground. If, at the end of the contest, two teams have the same score, they will go on with the contest until there is a winner.




For this contest, each team will be represented by two batters and one pitcher. The pitcher will throw only slow pitches to his team’s batters; any fast pitch will lead to the disqualification of the team. Each batter will be allowed 3 OUTs. Any hit other than a home run will be considered an OUT. The cumulative number of home runs of the two batters will be the final score. If two teams have the same score, they will be allowed one pitch at a time, until a home run is hit.





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