Article 1 - Eligibility and Penalties

1.1 Eligibility

a) Players will be eligible to participate in Canadian Championships provided they:

i) Meet existing Softball Canada residency rules.

ii) Represent the province/territory in which they were registered by the official registration date.

iii) Are at least fourteen (14) years of age as of January 1 of the current year in order to be eligible to participate in a Senior Canadian Championship.

b) Players need not have participated in a provincial/territorial elimination tournament as long as they were eligible to do so.

c) Players will be eligible to participate in elimination tournaments leading to Canadian Championships only in the province/territory in which they are registered as of the official registration date.

d) Players will be allowed to participate in more than one fast pitch championship and more than one slo–pitch championship provided they are not held concurrently, with their province/territory’s approval.

e) Female players are not eligible to compete on male teams and male players are not eligible to compete on female teams.

f) Softball Canada and the Canadian Championship committee shall have the authority, with the release of the Province/Territory, to deem players eligible to participate in the Canadian Championships for the betterment of the event and National body. Each circumstance will be treated separately and a decision will be made based on the situation at hand. The outcome of this decision cannot be protested or appealed.

g) No import player will be allowed to play in two (2) separate Canadian Championships in the same year with two (2) different provinces and/or territories.

1.2 Penalties

a) Use of an ineligible player shall result in the following penalties:

i) All games the ineligible player has participated in shall be forfeited.
ii) The team using the ineligible player shall be disqualified from the Canadian Championship.

b) Any forfeiture or default by a team shall lead to disqualification from the Canadian Championship.

Exception: Forfeiture of a game due to not enough eligible players because of substitutions, injuries, or ejections shall not result in the disqualification from a championship.