Article 6 - Nominations


a) Nominations may originate from a Provinical/Territorial Association Member, from the Board of Softball Canada, or from a team, club or other softball organization. Where the nomination is from a team, club or other softball organization, the nominations must have the support of the provincial/ territorial softball governing body where the nominee was involved.

b) Written nominations must be accompanied by documents covering in as great detail as possible, the athletic accomplishments or the service record or both, of the person(s) nominated (e.g. newspaper clippings). The claimed accomplishments or service record shall be supported by documentary evidence where there is any possibility of doubt.

c) Nominations must be accompanied by one or more photographs of the nominee(s). In the case of an athlete, if possible, an action picture from the athlete’s competing days. In the case of a sportsman/woman, it shall be a suitable pose from their active service days.

d) Nominations must be in the hands of the Committee by April 1 for consideration that year.

e) Successful nominees for the Hall of Fame will be inducted at the Annual Meeting of Softball Canada. All applicants approved by the Committee shall be forwarded for final approval to the Board of Directors of Softball Canada with a recommendation for enrollment in the Hall of Fame.