Article 2 - Hosting Obligations

2.1 Contractual

a) Responsibilities

i) The successful bidder shall hereinafter be referred to as the Host Committee.

ii) A Canadian Championship shall be awarded to the provincial/territorial association which will, in conjunction with the Host Committee, be responsible for the Championship.

iii) A contract between Softball Canada and the Host Committee outlining all obligations of both parties shall be signed and guidelines as published by Softball Canada shall be followed. The host will have to send Softball Canada a deposit of $1,500.00 at the same time as the Host Agreement Fees (2 weeks prior to the championship start date) to guarantee Softball Canada Quality Assurance on the championship to be held. This deposit will not be cashed by Softball Canada unless the host does not meet its contractual obligations.

iv) Softball Canada shall not be liable for any claim or indebtedness incurred in the execution of any Canadian Championship.

b) Accommodations (2017 only)

i) Teams will stay at the designated accommodations.

ii) Softball Canada must approve the designated accommodations and rates. The hotel rate should be fixed upon Softball Canada granting the host hotel up to one year in advance.

iii) Provincial/territorial associations will confirm their booking requirements at least 3 weeks prior to the event.

iv) An additional $1,000.00 deposit must be submitted with the team registration fee. The $1,000.00 deposit will be returned to the Province/Territory once they have met their commitment to stay at the designated accommodations.

v) Participants not using designated accommodations will lose the $1,000.00 deposit which will be forwarded to the Host Committee

vi) Teams withdrawing from a Canadian Championship within 14 days of the start of the Championship will forfeit their $1000 hotel bond to the Host Committee.

NOTE (effective 2018): The Host Committee will designate a host hotel(s) for the Championship which all teams are strongly encouraged to support.

c) Financial

i) A flat hosting fee for each Canadian Championship will be paid to
Softball Canada by the respective Host Committees.

a) A $1,000.00 rebate will be given to a host committee that hosts two
championships concurrently.

b) A $1,000.00 rebate will be given to a host committee that hosts a championship in the same division for 2 consecutive years.

ii) The hosting fee schedule is as follows:

Fast Pitch

Men’s                                               $ 25,000.00
Women’s                                          $ 6,000.00
U21 Men’s (U23 effective 2018)       $ 12,500.00
U18 Men’s (U19 effective 2018)       $ 6,000.00
U18 Women’s (U19 effective 2018)  $ 8,000.00
U16 Boys                                          $ 4,000.00
U16 Girls                                           $ 6,000.00 ($8,000 effective 2018)
U14 Boys                                          $ 4,000.00
U14 Girls                                           $ 6,000.00 ($8,000 effective 2018)


Men’s/Women’s                                $5,000.00 

The Host agreement fee will be paid by cheque to the Softball Canada National Office no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of the particular Championship. The cheque can be post-dated to the last day of respective Championship. If the hosting fee is not received at this time a fine of $100.00/day will be charged for every day the fee is late. This will be taken out of the Host’s Bid Deposit.

iii) The draft financial statements and the final report must be filed within 60 days of the conclusion of the championship and the final financial statements must be filed within 120 days of the conclusion of the championship to the Softball Canada office.

d) Passes

i) Tournament passes will be issued up to the following maximums:

Players 17
Coaches and managers 4
Bat boy/girl 1

e) Miscellaneous 

Softball Canada President (or his/her appointee) must approve all arrangements for OPENING and CLOSING ceremonies and other similar major events, such as banquets or get–togethers, connected with the Canadian Championships.

f) First Aid Access 

It is mandatory to provide a designated first aid area with a stocked medical kit as outlined in the Host Contract. This area must be attended to at all times during the event by either first aid personnel or a designate of the Host. This individual would be responsible to activate an established Emergency Plan that the Host must have in place.

2.2 Sponsor’s Participation

Participation of any or all sponsor(s) at a Canadian Championship is left to the discretion of the Host Committee in cooperation with the National Office of Softball Canada. It is, however, understood that, under no circumstances can a sponsor be involved (in any capacity) that is in competition with any of Softball Canada’s major national sponsors. In all Canadian Championships, Softball Canada reserves the rights to advertise its programs in any way, shape or form, and at all times during the staging of the Canadian Championship(s).