Article 1 - Bidding and Hosting

1.1 Bid Procedures (Excluding Orthodox FP and Masters FP)

a) More than one (1) bid may be made by an affiliated association, organization, club or province/territory. Each bid must be approved by the respective provincial/territorial softball association.

b) Bids must be written or submitted electronically. Please refer to Article 1.2.

c) Bids for the Canadian Championships will be accepted in the Softball Canada office beginning October 1, two (2) years prior to the year of the event.

d) Bids must be accompanied by a payment of $500.00 for each Championship being sought. The successful hosting organization will then have 30 days to forward to Softball Canada the balance of the ten percent of the flat hosting fee or $1,000.00, whichever is greater. Note – exception will be U21 Men’s (U23 effective 2018) Championship at which time a $500 deposit is required followed by an additional $2500 payment. The deposit will be returned subject to the following:

i) If the bid was not successful

ii) If the bid is successful and the host organization has met all its financial and contractual obligations to Softball Canada. Any financial obligations not met will be deducted from the deposit.

e) Canadian Championship week will be in consultation with the Host, Provincial/Territorial Offices and Softball Canada targeting the month of August. All Championships will be open Championships with the number of teams determined by the Host and Softball Canada with consideration given to facility and diamond availability.

f) Provinces/Territories who have communities bidding on a Championship must have had at least one (1) team from the Province or Territory participate in the Championship they are bidding on the year before the Championship if the bid is submitted one (1) or more years prior to the Championship. If there are no other bids, except from a P/T who hadn’t participated as statedabove, then these bids can be considered after October 1st the year prior to the Championship.

1.2 Bid Selection

a) Where bids are submitted to Softball Canada for a Canadian Championship, an evaluation process will be conducted by the Canadian Championship Committee.

b) The evaluation process will include an assessment of the host committee’s ability to host a Canadian Championship. Criteria evaluated should include: facility, volunteer staffing and qualifications, accommodations, airport location, transportation, special events and promotional opportunities, promotion/communications program and fundraising activities.

c) The Canadian Championship Committee will tentatively approve and award the bid for the Championship 30 days after receiving the first satisfactorily completed bid.

d) A bid will only be considered finalized and awarded when the signed contract and additional deposit (if required) has been received by Softball Canada. This must be completed within 30 days of the host being notified of the bid approval.

1.3 Bid Requirements

Bidders for Canadian Championships must guarantee the following facilities:

i) The main tournament facility must have a minimum of two (2) diamonds, at least one of which is lighted.

ii) All events require a third and fourth diamond close to the main facility.

iii) All ball parks must comply with Softball Canada Rule Book dimensions.