Section B - Rules of Competition

1. Teams will not be required to adhere to a male/female player ratio.

2. In the classification (seeding) round, teams will play one or more games. The “game” shall consist of one full inning for both teams. Each team will be required to play all players whose names appear on the final team roster.

3. A final team roster consists of a minimum of twelve (12) players and a maximum of fifteen (15) players. All players listed on the final team roster must have an opportunity to play during the course of the tournament.

*NOTE: A final team roster is a complete list of all players registered with the team.

A line-up is a list of players scheduled to play during a specific game. A line-up shall consist of ten (10) players, unless the extra player (EP) rule is in effect. Ten players shall be on the field at one time. Only the players listed on the line-up sheet will play during the specific game.

4. A regulation game shall consist of seven innings (with only the final inning being open) or one and a half hours (1 1/2 hrs) with no inning beginning after one hour and thirty minutes (1 1/2 hrs). A team may only score a maximum of 5 runs per inning.

5. A mercy rule shall be imposed, if after five full innings of play, one team leads another by ten runs or more, the game will be called.

6. The distance between home plate and the pitching rubber shall be between 40’ and 50’. Therefore, a moveable pitching rubber is required.

7. A designated runner is allowed for the catcher in a two (2) out situation. The player in the catcher position will bat and must advance to at least first (1st) base before a courtesy runner can be put in. The last (2nd) out in the current inning shall be the courtesy runner.

8. The following rule from Softball Canada (2011-2012 – Rule 8. Sec. 1b-5) shall not apply in Special Olympics Canada competitions.

CO-ED: If a male is walked on four pitches or fewer, he is awarded second base and the female batter has the option of batting or accepting a walk up until the delivery of a pitch.