A Mom and an Umpire

Annie Michaud

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Annie is WBSC certified since 2013, has twin girls of 4,5 years hold, has a full time job and was Provincial Umpire in Chief from 2016 to 2019.

In the past few years, I met a lot of women and mothers from everywhere in the world. Talking about family and goals, I quickly realized that my experience as a woman is a little different than what a lot of other women live. The Female Development Working Group just launched a very interesting article and I wanted to share my experience.

When I questioned myself on how things got together to this great experience, I quickly realized it came from the very first moment into this life. Back in those days (ok I am not that old but it was a different time), my brother and I were lucky to have been born in a family where there was no difference between men and women. Both parents changed our diapers a thousand times, both were cooking, both played with us, both were working full time. Mainly, both of them could do everything in the house and shared all duties depending on availabilities. It was also true for their own accomplishment, taking courses, having outside hobbies, etc. So to me it was normality and without even thinking about this it was what I was looking for and trying to reproduce.

My husband and I met at university so we lived a long time by ourselves before having children. Nevertheless, even before dating each other I “warned” him that I was busier in the summer than during scholar year with my full time university schedule and part time job! Good for me it didn’t stop him! Over the years, I travelled the countries, missed special events, sacrificed vacations together but everytime I said “I have been selected for this event” or “I will go to this umpire event”, he said go and come back with a smile!

When my twin girls arrived in this world, a lot of things changed starting with me but not our teamwork The girls were just conceived when he said “You will not breast feed all the time?!” He wanted to feed the baby! Guess what, with two he was well served! The girls were 13 months when I left the house for the US cup. Ever since, when I hesitate he just says go, don’t think about us and stay longer. The thing is, the second the event is done, I miss them so much that travelling seems to last forever! But it is my choice to stay longer or not, not because he is tired of “babysitting the girls” (we always make fun of this because his father always said that!). We make arrangements if needed because let’s be honest being single-parent of toddlers is not that easy!

If this kind of relationship is current in my generation in my province, I know we are not there everywhere. It is not because together you decided to have a family that suddenly the woman has to disappear and becomes only a mother. Ladies, you don’t have to do everything in the house; those duties are sharable. Boys, you fell in love with a woman living her passion and I am sure you love to see her doing it! Don’t let this disappear. I remember using the word “comprehensive husband” at Blue Convention in Vancouver. It was the wrong word first because he is much more than comprehensive, he is a teammate. Together, we make things happen for our family and for each of us. It is true for hobbies but also for our respective jobs.

There are many different ways to make it happen. Some families are travelling all together to umpiring events. You just have to find your way!