Umpire 25To officiate in any Softball Canada Canadian Championship, an umpire must have affiliated with Softball Canada for two (2) consecutive years prior to the current year and also in the year in which he/she are to officiate at a Canadian Championship. The deadline date for affiliations of umpires selected to Canadian Championships is July 1 of the current year. The Provincial/Territorial UIC must ensure the eligibility of each umpire when he/she are recommended. A Canadian Championship Umpire Information Report shall be filled out and submitted to the National Director of Umpires, along with a copy of a provincial on-field evaluation of the umpire from the previous year, for each umpire being nominated.

The National Director of Umpires will be empowered to deal with umpire eligibility and qualifications in regard to all Canadian Championships.

The National Director of Umpires shall have the right to refuse any umpire recommended by the Provincial/Territorial UIC, regardless if the umpire meets all eligibility criteria.

For Senior Men’s, Senior Women’s, and U23 Men’s Fast Pitch Canadian Championships, as well as Senior Men’s Slo-Pitch Canadian Championships, consideration will be given only to those umpires who are Level IV certified. For all other Canadian Championships, consideration will be given only to those umpires who are Level III certified, excepting the U15 and U17 events where a limited number of Level II umpires may be considered.

According to the policies of Softball Canada, each Province/Territory is entitled to send an umpire to each Canadian Championship event every year.

Umpires working at Canadian Championships must wear the uniform and follow established written guidelines as outlined by Softball Canada.