Do you know an umpire who:
  • respects everyone who is involved with the game and demonstrates good   sportsmanship?
  • is involved with officials program development in your area?
  • is a positive umpiring role model?
  • tries to become a better umpire through education and training?
  • contributes to local umpire programs through instructing or   evaluating?
  • shares their expertise with the softball community?

If you answered YES to these questions,
then this person is a candidate for the
Softball Canada / Kahunaverse Sports Umpire of the Year

Individuals or groups in your province/territory have the chance to submit their nomination for the "Umpire of the Year" Awards, which will be awarded to one Fast Pitch and one Slo-Pitch Umpire.

Don't miss the opportunity to have your umpires, and their achievements, recognized across Canada.

The "Umpire of the Year" recipients will be honoured at the Softball Canada Congress.

Nominations for National Umpires of the Year will be submitted by set deadline date to the Softball Canada Manager of Officiating.

A pre-determined committee consisting of the National Director of Umpiring, Board Liaison and the Softball Canada Manager of Officiating will select the National Umpire of the Year.

Upon selection, and prior to final approval by the Board, the recipients' provincial or territorial association (President, Executive Director or other designated senior staff member) shall be consulted to confirm the selected recipient is a member in good standing and to confirm P/T support for the selection.

The name of the individuals selected as National Umpires of the Year will then be submitted to the Softball Canada Board of Directors for final approval.

The "Umpires of the Year" nomination form is below, so have people or groups get their application into Softball Canada now!


  1. The umpire shall be a Canadian citizen / landed immigrant.
  2. The umpire shall be fully certified (at any softball level) to qualify.
  3. The umpire shall have served in a volunteer officiating position(s) for a minimum of 4 years.
  4. The umpire shall have contributed to umpire development as an instructor, evaluator, mentor, or program developer.
  5. The umpire shall have a high level of officiating ability.

Nominations should be on the designated form and include:

    • Umpire’s name, address, and phone number(s)
    • Name, address, and phone number(s) of nominating individual or group
    • Record of nominee’s umpiring experience
    • Record of umpiring achievements
    • Umpire’s role in developing and improving the officiating aspect of the sport
    • Personal highlights in the current year
The deadline for "Umpire of the Year" nominations is:
  September 1

Nomination Form

*Please save the file, fill it out and email to Donna Ozarko (dozarko@softball.ca)


Peter Kluszczynski (Barrie, Ont.) has been umpiring for 27 years. He is a Level V Fast Pitch and Level III Slo-Pitch official and is Softball Ontario’s Fast Pitch Umpire in Chief. After becoming a Level V umpire in 2007, he earned his WBSC Certification in 2011 and has worked several international events since then. He is well respected by all players, coaches and officials and ensures everyone is treated equally and fairly.

As a working umpire at the international level, Kluszczynski worked the 2012 Women’s World Cup of Softball, the 2013 Women’s European Championship, the 2014 Canadian Open (Canada Cup), the Men’s Softball competition at the 2015 Pan American Games and the 2017 WBSC Men’s World Championship in Whitehorse. He is not only an excellent umpire on the field but shows his professionalism off the field. He is an umpire everyone wants to work with and for, both as a partner and as a member of the crew he works with.

Through his role as the Provincial Umpire in Chief in Ontario, Peter is particularly focused on developing and supporting younger umpires. He supervised several local and provincial events as an Umpire in Chief as well as the U19 Men’s Canadian Championship in Owen Sound in 2018. Kluszczynski presents a positive image for all umpires to emulate. He has all the umpire’s best interest at heart and there isn't anything he wouldn't do for the umpires program no matter which level of play it is. For all the work he puts into the Softball Ontario and Softball Canada umpiring programs, Kluszczynski is a very deserving recipient of the Kahunaverse Sports Umpire of the Year award.


2017 - Clinton Harvey (Nova Scotia)
2016 - Aaron Poulin (British Columbia)
2015 - Terry Richter (Alberta)
2014 - Sandra Allan (New Brunswick)
2013 - Brent Chadwick (Saskatchewan)
2012 - Joyce Bellini (Quebec)
2011 - Keith Pender (Newfoundland & Labrador)
2010 - Moose Gibson (Saskatchewan)
2009 - Dick Coleman (Ontario)
2008 - Geneviève Gaudreau (Quebec)
2007 - Jack Van Bynen (Ontario)
2006 - Denis Bélanger (Quebec)
2005 - Bob Constantin (Alberta)
2004 - Chris Lee (British Columbia)
2003 - Don Bracey (Ontario)
2002 - Wayne Shipley (Nova Scotia)
2001 - Serge Laflamme (Quebec)
2000 - Keith Hazel (British Columbia)
1999 - Al Shenduk (Alberta)
1998 - Bob Stanton (New Brunswick)