Why sign up?

Canpitch instructors deliver leading-edge pitching instruction designed for beginner pitchers through group lessons using a 6-week curriculum created by a team of pitching experts. While the Canpitch program is taught in a group, instructors also focus on meeting every athlete’s individual learning needs, based on their skill level. The Canpitch Program is truly athlete-centred, inclusive and most importantly fun.

Throughout the program pitchers will: 

  • Learn and develop the fundamental skills of pitching.
  • Meet other players and develop friendships.
  • See their progress as they move from one stage of pitching development to the next in a clearly defined pathway.
  • Be introduced to the concepts of fair play, fitness, safety, and teamwork.
  • Have a fun and memorable experience.

The instructor to pitcher ratio is kept low (maximum of 1:10 and in most cases lower) to ensure each pitcher receives individual attention. Pitchers progress at their own rate in weekly group lessons and by practicing on their own. Instructors use various teaching aids and activities that create a fun learning environment and provide both verbal, positional and tactile feedback.