Softball Canada announces new members of the Coaching Development Committee

Softball Canada announces new members of the Coaching Development Committee

5 March 2024 Cassidy Burton

Ottawa, Ont. – Softball Canada is pleased to announce the Coaching Development Committee (CDC), comprised of a dedicated cohort of coaches eager to apply their expertise into the standard of softball coaching across the nation.

“This committee brings together a group of individuals who will support Softball Canada’s ongoing coaching initiatives and the evolving needs of coaches in Canada” said Angela Ballantyne, Manager – Sport Development. “I am excited to see the direction and innovation this team will bring to the Coaching Program”.

Kaleigh Rafter OLY (Ont.) assumes the role of CDC Chairperson. Rafter brings extensive expertise to the position, serving as the head coach of Softball Canada’s Women’s National Team program, and an Olympian, in addition to her role as an assistant coach for the Florida State University softball program. Rafter is a Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC) driven to further advance softball coaches in Canada and further develop the sport of softball throughout the nation. With a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience in both international and NCAA softball as both a coach and athlete, Rafter is poised to make significant contributions to the CDC.

Mark Quinn (P.E.I.) leverages his extensive knowledge in Softball’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) as a Master Coach Developer and Chartered Professional Coach. With years of coaching experience within Softball Canada’s men’s national teams, including his recent role as head coach of the U18 Men’s National Team and assistant coach of the U23 Men’s National Team, Quinn brings invaluable insight. His comprehensive experience extends to grassroots development, where he has provided coaching and pitching instruction within PEI and other provinces, further enriching his contributions to the CDC.

Michelle Webster (B.C.) brings a wealth of expertise in sport development with the Indigenous Sport, Physical Education Recreation Council. Currently serving as a pool coach of the U18 Women’s National Team, the head coach for the University of British Columbia Okanagan softball program, and a coach developer, Webster’s extensive experience is evident. She has played pivotal roles within provincial team programs, contributing her coaching talents to Team BC Canada Summer Games, BC Summers Games, and the North American Indigenous Games.

Doug Allin (B.C.) brings a robust skill set to the CDC with extensive coaching experience, including serving as the assistant coach for the Men’s National team and head coach of the U23 Men’s National team programs. His coaching repertoire also extends to mentoring young players, having coached girls’ teams at various age levels. Beyond the diamond, Allin has demonstrated his leadership abilities by coaching and mentoring professionals within local government, further enhancing his capacity to contribute meaningfully to the development of softball. His insights and dedication to the sport enrich the CDC’s mission of advancing softball coaching in Canada.

Brandi Rae Hanson (Sask.) joins the CDC, bringing coaching experience spanning from all ages at the grassroots level. As a current coach evaluator, developer, and Canpitch Instructor, she possesses a deep understanding of player development and skill enhancement. Beyond her contributions to softball, Hanson serves as a board member for Autism Services of Saskatoon, demonstrating her commitment to community engagement and advocacy. With a passion for athlete growth and development coupled with a desire to inspire future leaders, Hanson is poised to make significant contributions to the CDC.

Megan Asham (Man.) brings coaching experience to the CDC, with a distinguished background in NCAA Division II and Division III softball. As the current head coach for a NCAA Division II softball program, Asham possesses firsthand knowledge of collegiate-level competition. Her experience contributes to the growth and development of players at all levels through facilitating softball camps, clinics and recruiting efforts. Asham’s regional coaching experience, including involvement in the Manitoba Summer Games, underscores her commitment to fostering talent at the grassroots level. Passionate about fostering unity and coherence in player development nationwide, Asham is dedicated to supporting coaches across Canada in their pursuit of excellence.

Softball Canada’s newly appointed Coaching Development Committee is poised to continue building on the success of the already renowned national coaching program and continue to evolve in response to the dynamic needs of Canadian softball coaches. This includes enhancements to Softball’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and additional initiatives aimed at fostering continuous growth and innovation within the sport.