Softball Canada believes everyone has the right to enjoy the sport despite their level of participation. As such, Softball Canada encourages all individuals to communicate openly, collaboratively, and use problem solving techniques to resolve differences in opinion. Resolving a conflict at an early stage may prevent a situation from escalating and resulting in a formal complaint.

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Safe Sport Reporting Process

Softball Canada recognizes and respects that filing a report can be both a difficult and emotional process.  To make the reporting process as simple, and as straight forward as possible, please refer to Softball Canada’s reporting process to determine who to contact regarding your incident/ complaint.

Reporting Process

Independent, Third Party Reporting Service

Softball Canada entrusts an independent third party service (ITP) that will act as an alternate and independent point of contact for those whom wish to file a complaint under Softball Canada’s Code of Conduct or other relevant policies. The existence of this ITP reporting service is intended for incidents that, for specific reasoning, cannot be processed by Softball Canada. As per Softball Canada's Privacy policy, all contact with this independent service is kept confidential, subject to certain legal limits. 

The independent service mandate includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Responding to complaints received by parties regarding abuse, harassment, bullying, and discrimination;
  2. Contacting complainant(s) to gain further insight on the situation;
  3. Conducting preliminary review and assess against applicable policies, legal frameworks, and best practices.
  4.  Launching appropriate policy actions as required based on evidence or a situation reported.

Softball Canada has appointed the following individual to receive reports made under this service:

Brian Ward

Discipline/ Complaints

All Softball Canada stakeholders are expected to fulfill responsibilities and obligations including, but not limited to, complying with Softball Canada’s policy’s, bylaws, rules and regulations, code of conducts and ethics. Non-compliance may result in sanctions pursuant to the organizations Discipline and Complaints policy.

To access Softball Canada's Discipline and Complaints policy, click here.

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