Concussion recovery varies between athletes and can be influenced by many factors.

Once an athlete who has sustained a concussion (s) completes their Return-to-School and Return-to-Sport Strategies and are deemed to be clinically recovered from their concussion, a medical doctor or nurse practitioner can consider the athlete for a return to full sports activities. 

If the athlete experiences any new concussion-like symptoms while returning to play, they should be instructed to stop playing immediately, notify their parents, coaches, trainer or teachers, and undergo a follow-up medical assessment. In the event that the athlete sustains a new suspected concussion, the Softball Canada Concussion Protocol should be followed as outlined below;

Concussion Pathway

Softball-Specific Return-To-Sport Strategy

The purpose of the Softball Specific Return to Sport Strategy is to help ensure athletes safely transition back to play following a concussion. The strategy includes an outline of protocol that should be used to help athletes, coaches, trainers, and medical professionals partner to allow an athlete to make a gradual return to physical activity. 

An initial period of 24-48 hours of rest is recommended before starting the Softball-Specific Return-to-Sport Strategy. If the athlete experiences new symptoms or worsening symptoms at any point, they should go back to the previous stage. It is important that youth and adult student-athletes return to full-time school activities before progressing to stage 5 and 6 of the Softball-Specific Return-to-Sport Strategy. It is also important that all athletes provide their coach with a Medical Clearance Letter prior to returning to full contact sport activities.


Return- To- School Strategy 

The following Return-to-School Strategy should be used as an outline to help student-athletes, parents, and teachers collaborate in allowing an athlete to make a gradual return to school activities. Depending on the severity and type of the symptoms, student-athletes will progress through the following stages at different rates. If the student-athlete experiences new symptoms or worsening symptoms at any point, they should go back to the previous stage. Athletes should also be encouraged to ask their school if they have a school-specific Return-to-Learn Program in place to help student-athletes make a gradual return to school.

RtSchool FR 

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